WARNING: This page is a guide for 1.x series. See here instead to learn about the latest

Reuse Skinny components in Spray apps

Skinny Framework itself depends on Scalatra and its Servlet integration. But skinny-validator, skinny-json and other components are independent from Scalatra Servlet environment.

skinny-splash aims to provides handy APIs for Spray applciations by seamlessly integrating Skinny components.


Getting Started

After creating the following files, you can boot your first HTTP server built with skinny-splash. Pretty easy!

sbt run
# access `localhost:8080` or `localhost:8080/?name=World` form curl or web browser

Using sbt-resolver makes your Spray application development smoother. While running your Spray application by using the following command, sbt will detect your file changes and restart application automatically.

sbt ~reStart

If you’d like to create a portable jar file which can be invoked anywhere, use sbt-assembly to generate it.

sbt assembly
java -jar target/scala-2.11/my-blazing-app-assembly-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar


lazy val sample = (project in file(".")).settings(
  scalaVersion := "2.11.6",
  name := "my-blazing-app",
  libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
    "com.typesafe.akka"    %% "akka-actor"    % "2.3.9",
    "io.spray"             %% "spray-can"     % "1.3.3",
    "io.spray"             %% "spray-routing" % "1.3.3",
    "io.spray"             %% "spray-json"    % "1.3.1",
    "org.skinny-framework" %% "skinny-splash" % "1.0.+"
).settings(Revolver.settings: _*)




addSbtPlugin("io.spray"     % "sbt-revolver" % "0.7.2")
// for standalone jar creation
addSbtPlugin("com.eed3si9n" % "sbt-assembly" % "0.13.0")


import skinny.splash._
import skinny.validator._

class MyController extends SprayController {
  def form(req: SprayRequest) = validation(req,
    paramKey("name") is required & maxLength(10)
  def index(implicit req: SprayRequest): SprayResponse = {
    if (form(req).validate()) {
      val body = toJSONString(Map("message" -> s"Hello, ${params.getOrElse("name", "Anonymous")}"))
    } else {
      respondAs(status = 400, body = toJSONString(keyAndErrorMessages))

trait MyDispatcher extends SprayDispatcher {
  val myController = new MyController
  def routes = Seq(
    getRoute("")(implicit req => myController.index),
    postRoute("post")(implicit req => myController.index)

class MyDispatcherActor
  extends SprayDispatcherActor
  with MyDispatcher

object MyApp extends SprayApplication {
  def dispatcherActorProps = toProps(classOf[MyDispatcherActor])


error {
  required="{0} is required"
  notNull="{0} is required"
  notEmpty="{0} is required"
  length="{0} length must be {1}"
  minLength="{0} length must be greater than or equal to {1}"
  maxLength="{0} length must be less than or equal to {1}"
  minMaxLength="{0} length must be greater than or equal to {1} or be less than or equal to {2}"
  numeric="{0} must be numeric"
  intValue="{0} is less or greater than expected range"
  longValue="{0} is less or greater than expected range"
  intMinValue="{0} must be greater than or equal to {1}"
  intMaxValue="{0} must be less than or equal to {1}"
  intMinMaxValue="{0} must be greater than or equal to {1} or be less than or equal to {2}"
  longMinValue="{0} must be greater than or equal to {1}"
  longMaxValue="{0} must be less than or equal to {1}"
  longMinMaxValue="{0} must be greater than or equal to {1} or be less than or equal to {2}"
  dateTimeFormat="{0} must be a datetime value"
  dateFormat="{0} must be a date value"
  timeFormat="{0} must be a time value"
  same="{0} must be the same with {1}"
  email="{0} must be an e-mail"
  past="{0} must be in the past"

Give us your feedback!

skinny-splash is a very young library. We’d like to improve step by step with users. If you’re interested in using it and hope more features, please let us know here:


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