WARNING: This page is a guide for 1.x series. See here instead to learn about the latest


Task Launcher

skinny-task is a mechanism to run tasks easily. By default, the following tasks are already registered.


skinny-blank-app prepares the easy-to-use TaskRunner.


object TaskRunner extends skinny.task.TaskLauncher {

  // def register(name: String, runner: (List[String]) => Unit)
  register("assets:precompile", (params) => {
    val buildDir = params.headOption.getOrElse("build")

Creating Your Own Tasks

Creating tasks is pretty easy. You just need to define a function (List[String]) => Unit.

register("echo", (params) => params foreach println)

Run the task:

sbt "task/run echo foo bar baz"

[info] Running TaskLauncher echo foo bar baz

Improve your development with tasks.

If you have any good ideas for how to use tasks or improve the API, please write a blog post or give us some feedback.

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